Thursday, May 9, 2013

Does writing about books make you read more?

Prior to starting this blog I’ve wouldn’t said no, simply because writing about books detracts from actually reading. In order to satisfy the need for both, more time (or better time management) is required. Now, my thought process has changed. Having adopted a specific stance on the kind of book writing I wish to undertake has in fact led me to read more books this year than previous years. How? By writing about books I both own and haven’t read yet, books coming out soon, and participating in online book club discussions.

My series of infrequent blog posts (Delayed Gratification) examines my large TBR pile from both an eReader (I use Kindle Paperwhite for my eReading) and physical book-on-shelf perspective. Every few weeks I glance over my shelves with the hope of rediscovering a book that I’d purchased some time ago to reinstate the enthusiasm to read, to find what led me to purchase the book in the first place. So far I’ve read around 50% of the books I’ve mentioned on those posts. I’d call that a success as, truth be told, some of those books might’ve sat for another couple of years had I not looked back at them – no fault of the book, but the cause and effect of continually acquiring books.

As of this post, I’ve read 72 books this year – well on target to reading my Goodreads Reading Challenge:

So how have I managed to read more? Maximising my down time is key. Using travel to and from work will net me a solid block of time. I find I’m looking to read more as a result of talking about books, continually building the anticipation of jumping into a new book and delving into a new story. I read once that Stephen King recommended reading 8hrs a day – reading wherever you can (in the shopping line, waiting for a bus, before bed etc.), aimed more a writers as a means of learning the craft but it can be applied to fans of fiction too. While I don’t read at every opportunity (I have a life outside of books), I do try to maximise the time I do have decided to reading. 

So with that, what are some books I’m looking to read in the near future? Here’s a glimpse at what’s got me excited to turn that first page and get lost in a book:

The Blue Blazes (Mookie Pearl, #1) Point and Shoot Matador

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  1. For the first year or so of having my blog I know my reading exploded - I think I doubled the amount I read the previous year I was so desperate to have lots of content to fill the blog and was really excited to have somewhere to talk about books. Things have calmed down a bit since then though and I am getting worse at reading the older books that have been sitting around for years. On the bright side I am now acquiring less books than I am reading so, theoretically, I should start making a dent in those older titles soon :)