Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pick Up A Pulp [19]: DOLLS AND DUES by Orrie Hitt

Dolls and Dues is somewhat of an oddity for these posts. Sure, Orrie Hitt wrote a number of sleaze pulps but this one sits outside of that genre, more a general fiction novel than a traditional pulp (despite the gorgeous original cover). 

The story follows Paul Jackson, an insurance salesman turned union boss. His rise through the ranks is a quick one, his fall equally so. Throughout the novel we see Paul gradually grate on the nerves of his women and that of the businessmen he's trying to extort perks from on behalf of his members. We see his trials and tribulations and the all expectant crash landing.

That's really all there is to it. There's a not a lot of depth here and that's ok; the story ticks along at a nice pace and Paul isn't quite a cardboard cutout character (though close)  with just enough surface value to swing a sense for his character; self absorbed and ambitious. 

The cover blurb is misleading, making Dolls and Dues read like an oversexed romp;
...everywhere in his vicious world of the fast buck and faster dames he sought the love his wife denied him. He picked it up from tramps and debutramps, from trollops, even from nice girls.
While there is an element of this in the book, its by no means the be all end all of the story. 

Overall, I liked the change of pace. Not what I was expecting but its a quick and easy read that allows you to switch off and not take books too seriously for a while.

My rating: 3 / 5 stars. 

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