Sunday, March 25, 2018

Review: BLACK DAHLIA, RED ROSE by Piu Marie Eatwell

Publisher Coronet
Length 8hrs 59mins
Format audiobook
Published 2017
Series standalone 
My Copy I bought it

For readers familiar with the noir soaked unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, this book recounts much of the information already printed and glamorized in film but it does so in a way that is refreshing and feels 'new'. If anything, Black Dahlia Red Rose reads more like crime fiction with a rolling narrative emphasizing the criminal investigation and spotlighting one key suspect in particular, Lesley Dillon who was staying as the Astor Hotel, the suspected place of Shorts brutally violent murder (the hotel is still standing today but only rents rooms by the hour and has no advertising, website, or phone listing according to the author). 

The Dahlia case aside there's a lot of page time dedicated to the alleged corruption of the LAPD of the time which immediately get's the reader thinking of cover-ups and coercion. The Gangster Squad features heavily and is portrayed as a beacon of justice despite some of the squad members more questionable interpretation of the thin blue line, a line they weren't afraid to cross.

My rating: 5/5. This is a great book which true crime enthusiasts will lap up. Jeff Harding narrated the audio edition and did a nice job of ensuring the tone of the book didn't come across as a newsreel, rather, complimenting the free flowing narrative of the investigation.  

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