Friday, March 30, 2018

Review: THE CYCLIST by Anthony Neil Smith

Publisher Bastei Entertainment
Length 190 pages
Format ebook
Published 2018
Series standalone 
My Copy provided by the publisher

Judd is a former almost-Navy SEAL, now working a standard nine to five office job, slowly wading through the days in a daze of white-collar tedium. 

He's haunted by an unfortunate mishap which nearly cost his training officer his life when he pumped his instructor full of led during a drill. His instructor, menacingly named 'The Cleaver', won't leave Judd alone, and the two make for an interesting dynamic, a kind of friend/enemy push-pull. 

Needing an outlet, Judd clocks up the kilometers on his bike, a habit which keeps him sane. He's also met someone online, an attractive cyclist based in Scotland named Cat who eventually convinces Judd to visit her in her homeland. 

Leaving his life behind Judd falls into a modern day honey-trap. 

The Cyclist is a damn fine book. The characters are well rounded and the linear plot, straightforward and as sharp as a knife blade. To use a somewhat corny term the book is 'all thriller, no filler'. 

My rating: 5/5. 

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