Thursday, March 15, 2018

Review: IQ by Joe Ide

Publisher Orion Publishing Group Limited
Length 9hrs 8mins
Format audiobook
Published 2017
Series IQ #1
My Copy I bought it

Few novels are able to capture the reader's attention and maintain a firm grip all the way through - IQ is one of those few; from the opening stanza I was hooked.

IQ (Isaiah Quintabe) is a modern day Sherlock Holmes but comes across more grounded and 'real'. He's a young guy getting by on the kindness of his neighbors who supplement his 'free-lance detecting' with food and other means, all useful but rarely result in a payday. When IQ's longtime acquaintance Dodson, a guy on the fringe of the underworld brings IQ a case worth 20k to find out who is trying to kill a rap mogul, IQ, while skeptical, agrees, after all, who couldn't use that kind of cash?   

What follows is a past and presence tense narrative switching between the rap mogul mystery and IQ as kid growing up without parents and trying to live-up to the high standards his deceased older brother held him by - there's also a large portion of backstory dedicated to the 'bond' IQ has with Dodson which adds another layer to the story. 

Author Joe Ide does a great job at balancing humor and violence while ensuring his characters have enough page time to grow and develop into well rounded people who read 'real'.  The narrator of the audiobook, Sullivan Jones captures the essence of the novel and further exemplifies the storytelling.

My rating: 5/5, IQ is awesome. 

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