Sunday, April 22, 2018

Review: FURY FROM THE TOMB by S.A. Sidor

Publisher Angry Robot
Length 320 pages
Format ebook
Published 2018
Series The Institute for Singular Antiques #1
My Copy provided by the publisher

Horror, adventure, the supernatural, and Egyptology seasoned with a spice of the wild-west fuel this journey into the unknown. 

Romulus Hardy, an eager Egyptologst is commissioned to travel to Egypt to unearth the tomb of a mysterious yet powerful Pharaoh - he ultimately succeeds but success comes at great cost with the band of men on his expedition loosing their lives. 

On bringing the sarcophagus back to America, his mysterious benefactor remains aloof, communicating only by letters and messages passed down by minions. Promptly re-routed from New York, his journey lands him and his precious cargo on a train heading towards LA, only for it to be hijacked by a criminal gang but that's only the start of the horrors. 

There's a lot to like about Fury from the Tomb, however I really enjoyed the character dynamic the most; there's a gunslinger, a young and fierce companion, the attractive Evangeline daughter of the benefactor, a ghoul who adds a comical element and the sorcerer himself; they all complement one other and bring a little something to the broader story. 

This Indian Jones pulpy adventure circa 1888 won't appeal to everyone but it does have loads of tense and horror-infused moments that are a joy to read. 

My rating: 5/5 stars, reading well as a standalone, I'm interested to see what direction future installments take. 

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