Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pick Up A Pulp [38]: QUARRY'S VOTE by Max Allan Collins

10 years have passed since Quarry's Cut, with the hitman having carved out a nice little existence; he's got a wife with a baby on the way, owns a dinner, and lives a life of leisure. He now reads about violence in fiction, rather than being the perpetrator with the days of taking lives, and sans Broker, saving them, well and truly over. That is, until a stranger familiar with Quarry's former occupation turns up on his doorstep with an offer of a cool million dollars to take out a presidential candidate. 

Quarry's Vote isn't as strong as the other four Quarry novels preceding it. Quarry himself is still as cold and calculated with an easy air of death emanating from his pores, however the political aspects didn't interest me.

A staple of these books are the pulp overtones and Quarry's Vote is no different; dames, distress, bullets, caskets, and Quarry wading through the mess and coming up spades, which all make for an enjoyable one-sitting read. 

You can read my review of Quarry's Cut by clicking on the link below.

Pick up a Pulp [37]: QUARRY'S CUT by Max Allan Collins

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