Sunday, September 16, 2018

Review: SYDNEY NOIR edited by John Dale

Publisher XOUM (an imprint of Brio Books)
Length 256 pages
Format paperback

Published 2018
Series Akashic Noir Anthologies 
My Copy Provided by the publisher

My Review

The first Australian book in the Akashic Noir series, Sydney Noir, envelopes the reader in a shroud of criminal activity, where in that blackness beats the dark hearts of men and women prone to violence, and are well versed in deceit to aide their deadly deeds.   

Spread across Sydney city and its surroundings, Sydney Noir brings murder to the doorsteps of Balmain, Redfern, Newtown, and even the iconic Sydney Harbor and more through a delectable dish of diverse stories encompassing family drama and murder in The Birthday Present by Mandy Sayer, drug abuse and the brutal consequences of over indulgence in Black Cul-De-Sac by Phillip McLaren, and the perils of love and lust in Leigh Redhead's scary-good short story The Transmutation of Sex

The anthology is a celebration of Aussie crime, with authors slicing up the Sydney city crime dominion into chewy, bloody morsels of fiction each just as mouth watering as the last.

Some of my favorites include the aforementioned Black Cul-De-Sac by Phillip McLaren, The Transmutation of Sex by Leigh Redhead as well as cleverly written The Passenger by Kirsten Tranter, The Patternmaker by Julie Koh, and the patient payoff in the aptly titled Slow Burn by Gabrielle Lord to name a few, but really, you could throw a dart at any of the stories in this collection and be impressed. 

My rating: 5/5 stars. It's great to see the Noir anthology make landfall in Australia. Sydney, with Kings Cross as its heart is a perfect destination for this anthology. Highly recommended. 

Sydney Noir is due to be published in Australia in December 2018 by XOUM, an imprint of Brio Books.

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