Monday, August 12, 2019

Pick of the Month [July 2019]

My July physical reads stack

I read 13 books in July, most of which were horror with some crime and sci-fi thrown in for diversity.

My pick of the month for July goes to Chop Shop by Andrew Post, published by Flame Tree Press. If you're into hard hitting dark crime fiction which has a touch of humor then this is for you. Reader beware, its defiantly not one for the squeamish. 

I also Returned to the Lost Level to continue my love affair with this excellent horror/sci-fi/fantasy/adventure series from Brian Keene and Apex Books. As previously mentioned in my reviews, these are a geeks delight. 

Other highlights include a quartet of vampire novels inspired by books featured in Paperbacks from Hell, The Need by Helen Phillips which was a real surprise packet and the strange and wonderful Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff (the audiobook was a tad hard to follow at times, I'll have to give the print edition a try). 

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