Monday, July 27, 2020

Pick Up A Pulp [75]: BONES WILL TELL by Bruno Fischer

This is a hard book to find information about; this edition is was published in 2017 by Armchair Fiction as a double feature reminiscent of those highly collectable Ace Book Doubles from yesteryear and features the tagline on the front (back) cover ' first time in paperback', yet I can find pretty much nothing about this on the internet....

With the original publication is as much a mystery as the whodunit, perhaps Armchair Fiction wanted to add to the overall allure of mystery: Mission accomplished.

Bones Will Tell is a classic whodunit murder mystery with elements of horror (mostly from the suspense and shock methods spattered throughout). Clocking in around 60 pages, it's a quick read that gets straight to the point with little to no filler content.

The premise is pretty simple and that's part of the fun; a preteen couple daring themselves to be brave jump over the wall of a creepy old house inhibited by an equally creepy old woman (though in reality said creepy old woman is in her early 50's) in search of ghoulish things and, well, to prove to themselves they're brave. Little did they know what lay on the other side of the wall would haunt them for the rest of their lives! 

Whilst not as good as the book this is paired with in the two-for-one printing (Dead in Bed by Day Keene), Bones Will Tell is a lot fun to read, and will be more appreciated by readers familiar with pulp/dime-store paperbacks than traditional mystery readers. 

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