Thursday, August 6, 2020

Book of the Month [July 2020]

I read 7 books last month which was my lowest amount for any given month this year, but, whilst July wasn't plentiful in volume, it was in quality. 

After languishing in my TBR for years I finally read CONSOLE WARS by Blake Harris and I loved it. The teenage me couldn't help but lap up that Nintendo and Sega dose of nostalgia. Despite some flaws (there seemed to be a distinct Sega bias) I couldn't put the book down and had a blast (from the past?) reading it form beginning to the end. If you're a 90's kid/teen who played video games, I strongly recommend CONSOLE WARS.

RUSTY PUPPY by Joe R Landsale was another highlight but then again I come to expect this with any Hap and Leonard book I read. You can read my 5 star review HERE

I've been dipping in and out of the world of 4000AD and Judge Dredd and was generally pleased with the collection of novellas printed in Judges: Volume One, edited by Michael Carroll. The premise of the collection focuses on the judge program as it's being rolled out across America, so not much Dredd but a whole lot of interesting and action packed story. 

However, there can only be one book of the month and that lofty award goes to BROKEN by Don Winslow. I listened to this one on Audible but wish I read it in print (I'll likely pick up a print copy at some stage). This collection of novellas is just great. A perfect balance of crime and comedy featuring characters from series across Winslow's back catalogue of fiction. In a word: Excellent. 

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