Sunday, August 2, 2020

Pick Up A Pulp [76]: THE GIRL, THE GOLD WATCH AND EVERYTHING by John D MacDonald

I'm glad I researched this book before delving in otherwise I think I would've been thoroughly confused. 

Renowned for crime fiction, The Girl, Gold Watch and Everything deviates from John D MacDonald's bread and butter in favor of b-grade sci-fi which oozes pulp.

Published in 1962 (my edition 1968), the story holds up pretty well; time travel by virtue of a gold watch which, when the hands are turned backwards, temporarily suspends time to allow the watch holder to move freely around unbeknownst to everyone else. 

Naturally this power is used for monetary gain and to enable the protagonist, Kirby to escape some pretty dicey situations, however the primary purpose of this great power is comedy. Yep...Kirby and his girlfriend use the suspended time to prank innocent bystanders as well as those who want to get possession of the watch themselves. Whilst I didn't mind this approach, the humor quickly grew adolescent (15yr old me would've loved it)

There are a few plot holes and 'easy-outs' throughout the book which dampened my enjoyment - and the attempted scientific rationalization of the gold watch's abilities I could've done without but overall I liked the book and would certainly recommend anyone picking this up in the dollar section of a used bookstore (I wouldn't recommended actively seeking out a copy as, honestly, it's not worth it). 
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