Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Review: STALKERS by Eileen Ormsby

Dark, disturbing, and near unbelievable - Stalkers by Eileen Ormsby reads like crime fiction at its finest - only it's not. Comprising four stories of seriously creepy stalkers complete with information about each stalkers sub category for added context and insight into the mind of the maddened, author Eileen Ormsby provides a peak behind the curtain of normalcy to showcase a world so twisted it's difficult to comprehend. 

Whilst it would've been easy to write a book featuring high profile public figure harassment/stalker cases spattered across mainstream media, Stalkers delves a little deeper, both in timeline and victim. Sure there's one story featuring an up and coming young actress but the others are about normal, everyday people, including a shocking case featuring two teenage boys which, honestly scared the living daylight out of me, as did one about a deluded author who sought out a book reviewer who posted an unfavourable review on Goodreads! (yikes...). 

It's been a while since a true crime book has given me serious goose bumps. Not since I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara has a non-fiction book left such a lasting impression and that's exactly what Stalkers has done - especially the fourth story about a young women who falls victim to a Craigslist rape fantasy which honestly feels like it was written for the silver screen and not ripped from police files and public news reports. There's so many twists to this torrid tale I couldn't believe how it turned out. 

If you're a true crime junkie and/or a fan of the The Dark Web books by Eileen Ormsby this is a no-brainer, pick up a copy from Amazon right now.  

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