Below are links to book related blogs, author, and publisher websites I frequent. These are all good and well worth a look. I'll update this list from time to time so be sure to check back for new additions:


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  1. Hi Josh,

    My name is Paul Eckersley and I am publicist for Black & White Publishing. We noticed that you recently reviewed a book by Ken Bruen. Ken has reviewed our upcoming crime novel Heartman by M.P. Wright and gave us a stirling quote of the book.

    We were wondering if you might be interested in receiving a pdf proof copy of the book. If you check out the weblink below you can visit the book's page on our website where an extract of the prologue and first three chapters can be found. Heartman is stylish noir detective tale set in 1960s Bristol, featuring a ex-policeman from Barbados who has left his home in search of a better life and to escape his a tragic past. It is a riveting read and I'd be happy to send you a press release and proof pdf if you're interested.

    Ken Bruen said of it: "If James Lee Burke were to set a novel in Bristol in the ‘60s, it would be pretty close to what MP Wright has done with Heartman. A stunning debut, and in JT Ellington he has created a character to equal Robicheaux and that is just the highest praise there is."

    Thank you in advance for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Eckersley

    Black & White Publishing

    1. Hi Paul,

      Could you please send me a link to the book?

      It certainly sounds like something I'd like to read.


  2. Curious if you are interested in a copy of this book. Would love more reviews!

    Reviewing well but I am just launching the platform. Reach out on Twitter or email me at


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