Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review: SEVERANCE by Chris Bucholz

SeveranceSEVERANCE is a clever, witty and entertaining romp through outer space. Perfect for readers who enjoy the closed in atmosphere of WOOL. 

A band of humans aboard a huge spaceship traveling hundreds of years towards their destination - a new inhabitable planet, find themselves embroiled in a civil war as the ships' authority attempt to literally split the interstellar transporter in two. There is method in this madness as an oversight which saw the ship run off course many years prior consumed unaccounted fuel. Fuel needed to assist with the planetary landing. The only way of correcting this, being to land a smaller, more economical ship. Hence the murderous plot to split the ship and condemn thousands of passengers to death.

The reason for leaving earth and how the inhabitants of this large ship came to be isn't explored and that suited me fine. Focusing on the present day conundrum with flashbacks to an earlier time aboard the ship ensured the plot focus remained consistent with the threat of violence and doom at the forefront. 

Tongue and cheek and laden with colorful characters, author Chris Bucholz did have a tendency to over indulge in the use of cringe worthy dialogue and throw away forgettable one liners but this didn't detract from the plot if anything it suited his lead characters and added to their uniqueness. Additionally, the later stages of the novel explore this use of profanity and seemingly dumbed down dialogue. 

SEVERANCE was a real find and one of the more enjoyable sci-fi's I've read in recent times. Many thanks to Apex Books for putting this one on my radar.   

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