Monday, December 29, 2014

Pick Up A Pulp [8]: DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL 2014

From the back of the book:
Known as the cousin of world famous adventurer Doc Savage, Pat Savage wants nothing more than to prove she has what is takes to be a hero. What starts out as a thankless job as a babysitter, soon turns into an epic life-and-death struggle that finds Pat squaring off against sinister forces. It's a double-size tale of two-fisted action starring the first lady of pulp adventure, Pat Savage, Woman of Bronze.

My Review:
Doc Savage is one of those timeless iconic pulp heroes that for some reason I've never read in either medium of fiction, be it prose, comic, or graphic novel. 

The DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL 2014 is a double sized comic featuring a standalone story (readers not having needed to read the previously published 8-issue mini from Dynamite) focusing on the Woman of Bronze - a hard hitting pulp heroine who's just as dangerous as her male 'bronze' counterpart (as evidenced by the below image). 

This is a quick and easy one and done read that is pure action from the opening panel. Pat Savage is sassy, smart and doesn't shy away from a good old fashioned fist fight putting her on equal terms with her more well renowned male counterpart - who is little more than a bit player in this story.

The art work is superb and fits exceptionally well with the writing and stylistic theme of the book. Being a pulp, I would've liked some more dull/faded coloring but visually, there is nothing to complain about as the inks and layout work very well - the panels really do emphasize the action. 

The plot itself is pretty straight forward and lacks a little depth but that's ok within context of this standalone; Pat is hired to babysit a robotic engineers daughter who in turn ends up getting kidnapped with pat having to then chase down the bad guys and save the day - only this ending doesn't necessarily stick to the script.

Read it to find out more. 


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