Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: ACCEPTANCE by Jeff VanderMeer

Acceptance (Southern Reach Trilogy, #3)The conclusion to the Southern Reach trilogy continues to provider the reader with a diverse read, that, whilst part of a trilogy, is written in a distinctly distinguishable manner. 


One of the hallmarks of the trilogy has been the mystery and omnipresent sense of horror lurking in the background. In ACCEPTANCE, this still remains, if not more so. For a final book, the mysteries of Area X and The Southern Reach are left satisfyingly open ended. This approach really worked for me. Sometimes stories aren't supposed to end, fully justifying the means - sometimes reason doesn't apply nor is prevalent. I'm glad author Jeff Vandermeer took this approach. Like the other books in the trilogy it didn't conform to any formula compounding the uniqueness and diverse manner of narration.

ACCEPTANCE takes us to Area X, right in the thick of the strange alien world. Ghost Bird, Control, the Biologist (yep, she makes a cameo and what a cameo it is - in the form of an incomprehensible organism), Saul - the lighthouse keeper, Grace, and the Director all feature prominently. As you can tell from the character list alone - things in Area X aren't quite right. Twins or twisted doppelganger copies are rife with even some back-story explained giving an insight into the early stages of Area X's history. 

I really liked ACCEPTANCE, but it was the weaker of the trilogy - which, overall, is fantastic. 

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