Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: ENCORE FOR MURDER by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins (audio)

Encore for MurderUnlike THE LITTLE DEATH, I felt the production of ENCORE FOR MURDER was a little off at times. That, coupled with some very cheesy dialog and uncharacteristic Hammer lines, made ENCORE FOR MURDER just an average take it or leave it Mike Hammer story for me. Which is a shame considering how much I enjoyed the other audio book I listened to recently. 

In ENCORE FOR MURDER Mike Hammer is hired by a former flame who is planning a comeback in the showbiz industry. Taking to the bright lights of Broadway, Hammer, in characteristic fashion turns out more lights than those that shine on him as bad guys from mob outfits get in the way and get knocked down. 

As you'd expect, Hammer rekindles his flame with the damsel in distress, though it's not as straightforward as you'd think - with the diva heavily focused on her career as opposed to the needs of a certain page 1 PI. Then, after receiving death threads in the post, which are subsequently leaked to the press, the diva goes missing. Here, Hammer heats up. His job turns deadly - from glorified bodyguard to doing what he does best - filling caskets with criminals. 

ENCORE FOR MURDER is a very quick listen, one that isn't complicated by deep plotting and deep characters. This is pop corn pulp PI - easily consumed, enjoy it for what it is. 

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