Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review: THE LITTLE DEATH by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins (audio)

10444630This audio book is more of a radio serial than traditional audio book. The production quality is top notch with voice actors, lead by Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer, fitting perfectly with the characters I've come to read and love over the years in print. Velda, Pat and co are all here and they all sound as you'd expect them to. 

Readers of the Mike Hammer books should note, that this audio installment is set after the revelation that Velda is more than Mike's secretary and is an experienced and deadly PI in her own right - a role she doesn't full reprise but it is mentioned throughout the book.

Mike Hammer, once again, gets involved in a case (non-paying of course, much to Velda's disdain) that instantly becomes personal. The only thing that didn't quite work with the plot was how it got started. Hammer is called to a club for a meet and greet with a prospective client - what he ends up with is a dame in trouble, on the run from a gambling boss who wants his 10 million back - 10 million presumably stolen by the fleeing dame. From there it's traditional Hammer, goons pop up and get knocked down. Hammer knows not of remorse, it's all about putting bullet holes in whoever gets in his way - just as a Hammer story should be.

Listening to THE LITTLE DEATH, got me thinking about the perfect Hammer/Velda combination for the big screen - there really is one choice that best fits the description and voice acting in THE LITTLE DEATH:

Velda - Christina Hendricks

Hammer - Mickey Rourke

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