Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I love browsing second hand bookstores and unearthing gems - even moreso when said gems are pulps. Today I managed to get 4 from a secondhand bookstore in Adelaide including a Gil Brewer I haven't yet read in 77 RUE PARADIS - all for a total cost of $2! 

FlameFLAME by Kenneth Roberts (pub. 1970, this edition, 1973)

More beautiful than a goddess, more spell-binding than a witch, Flame was both leader of a tribe and slave to white man.

But her body was too beautiful, too brave to be tamed by the indignities of slavery. Though brutally captured and degraded time and again, Flame's tribal pride soon taught her how to use her body to dominate her masters.

Author Kenneth Roberts reveals what happens when a native lust for life confronts the social aberration of slavery.

Kiss the Boys and Make Them DieKISS THE BOYS & MAKE THEM DIE by James Yardley (pub. 1970, this edition, 1972)

Kiss Darling had nerves of steel, a computerized intelligence, and a body designed provocatively for the pleasure of men...She had one weakness. She was a virgin...Investigating the sales of ancient Egyptian jewellery involves Kiss Darling and her ex-Flying Squad boss with assassins, bedouins, bellydancers, revolutionaries, ceremonial sacrifices, duels and death in a Pharaoh's tomb hidden beneath the rising waters of the Nile...

The Final FearTHE FINAL FEAR by Laurance Janifer (publication unknown)

It had started in the arms of the woman I loved - or thought I did. But it wasn't going to end there. Her husband wanted to put me on a slab in the morgue... and it's hard to remember that the old rules don't apply any more.

I could be shot dead in broad daylight in the middle of a crowd of witnesses. I can't forget - I can't never forget  - that a man with a gun is stalking me, a who whose single-minded idea of vengeance feeds his passion for murder. 

77 RUE PARADIS by Gil Brewer (pub. 1954, this edition, unknown)

He met a gutter angel on the roadway to hell! It began here for Baron--the whole grotesque skein of terror-- here in this Marseilles street of despair, the street called the Rue Paradis. There was Gorssmann, fat and corrupt, who waited until Baron scraped bottom--and then blackmailed him into treason. And Lili, the dark, lovely gamin, who fell in love with Baron--and worked for the man determined to destroy him. Altogether for Frank Baron it was a small hell on the street called Paradise! 

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