Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: OF BLONDES AND BULLETS by Michael Young

Of Blondes and BulletsFrom the back of the book:
No good deed goes unpunished!

Sometimes you don’t think, you don’t plan, you only act. When he pulled the blonde from the icy waters, Henry wasn’t thinking about what would happen next. But when she disappears again he’s going to have a hard time explaining the truth to the men who want to find her. And if he is to protect his family, it’s time for Henry to make some hard choices.

Love, or life?
Fight, or flee?
Blondes, or bullets?

With a touch of David Goodis’s everyman-noir, a dash of Brit Grit, and a whole lot of hardboiled, Of Blondes and Bullets shows just how easy it is for the world you thought you knew to disappear in a moment.

My Review:
OF BLONDES AND BULLETS is the classic wrong-man noir written with a touch of pulp that is a readers delight for the genre junkies. Author Michael Young exemplifies the hallmarks of the dark and disturbingly devilish Goodis-themed plot elements to formulate a swift ever-changing tale that takes readers from the depths of icy water rescues to bullet ridden bloodied bodies. 

Henry is a man in the right place, at the right time - or wrong as it turns out. Having seemingly saved a young woman from drowning he's quickly pulled into the escapades of the underworld. When a couple of thugs brutalize him and threaten his partner - Henry's life is turned upside down with death a cold reality. Despite his dire predicament, Henry chooses to keep fighting, given an inch as well as taking it; perseverance in the face of adversity personified.     

Author Michael Young never misses a beat, as this fast moving plot and deadly characters come to life as they attempt to end each others. Henry is cleverly displaced from normalcy into a world of pain - the transition from hero to self sustaining soldier is seamless. 

Easily read in a single sitting, OF BLONDES AND BULLETS is the perfect read for a short, sharp dose of noir. 

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