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Review: SHAKY GROUND by Sharon Kae Reamer

Shaky GroundFrom the back of the book
Her bruises barely healed, Caitlin Schwarzbach needs time to settle into expatriate life with her brother Gus. Caitlin looks forward to her new job. She has new friends. She also has new enemies. And a new boyfriend. Hagen von der Lahn owns a haunted castle, a title, and the sexiest smile she's ever seen. But her romantic reunion with the baron of Burg Lahn is cut short when Gus's car blows up. 

Far from being settled, Caitlin's life has also become supernaturally complicated. Long-term goal: Accept a new paradigm that includes Celtic deities and ancient curses. Short-term goal: Choose between keeping Gus safe or learning the truth about her past and its implications for her future. When she learns about the 'fracking' experiment in Cologne being conducted by her enemies, Caitlin's short-term goal becomes dangerously acute. 

My Review
The second book in the Schattenreich series, SHAKY GROUND further explores the unique and unpredictable character dynamics established in its predecessor, PRIMARY FAULT (review link below). Caitlin, her love interest Hagan, her brother Gus, and many more are the epicenter of SHAKY GROUND and the glue that binds the fantastical within this fictitious reality. 

Unlike PRIMARY FAULT, the plot devise is largely one comprising of constant drama rather than a definitive mystery. Caitlin, a strong character in PRIMARY FAULT requires mollycoddling and a lot of attention from the other characters throughout proceedings which was at times to the detriment of the concept behind the series.

I got the impression that SHAKY GROUND was moving into the YA-ish supernatural/other worldly romance and suspense genres - whilst this was hinted in the earlier installment, it's more pronounced here; which is fine, but not really my thing. 

I enjoyed elements of SHAKY GROUND but really struggled to get past Caitlin's needy nature. She's critical to the series and aptly portrayed in that vein, however the constant need for someone to care for her be it Gus, Hagan, Heinrich, or Sebastian was a distraction from the otherworldly side of the equation which wasn't given enough page time. 

Readers who enjoy supernatural suspense and romance will no doubt enjoy this book. 


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