Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. In order to get some consistency to my posting I thought I’d jump on board this great idea. As a self-proclaimed bookaholic, I love talking about my books and finding out what others are reading. Having been a long time reader of multiple blogs where the ‘It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?’ post is prevalent, I thought it a natural progression I’d add to the mix.

Last week I read the following books:

WORM by Anthony Neil Smith


AVENGER by Chris Allen

THE MALTESE FALCON by Dashiell Hammett

I also posted my monthly reader stats and best books of January summary post. 

Here's this weeks picks: 

In the Morning I'll Be GoneIN THE MORNING I'LL BE GONE by Adrian McKinty (audio)

A spectacular escape and a man-hunt that could change the future of a nation - and lay one man's past to rest. Sean Duffy's got nothing. And when you've got nothing to lose, you have everything to gain. So when MI5 come knocking, Sean knows exactly what they want, and what he'll want in return, but he hasn't got the first idea how to get it. Of course he's heard about the spectacular escape of IRA man Dermot McCann from Her Majesty's Maze prison. And he knew, with chilly certainty, that their paths would cross. But finding Dermot leads Sean to an old locked room mystery, and into the kind of danger where you can lose as easily as winning. From old betrayals and ancient history to 1984's most infamous crime, Sean tries not to fall behind in the race to annihilation. Can he outrun the most skilled terrorist the IRA ever created? And will the past catch him first?

PandaemoniumPANDEMONIUM by Christopher Brookmyre (I'm about two thirds through this and the gore horror has really heated up. I wouldn't deem it s gothic horror story, perhaps something more attune to a teen horror survival thriller - however, anything could happen in the last third of the book. Enjoyable so far.)

A gothic horror story for the twenty-first century...

The senior pupils of St Peter's High School are on a retreat to a secluded outdoor activity centre, coming to terms with the murder of a fellow pupil through counselling, contemplation, candid discussion and even prayer - not to mention booze, drugs, clandestine liaisons and as much partying as they can get away with. 

Not so far away, the commanders of a top-secret military experiment, long-since spiralled out of control, fear they may have literally unleashed the forces of Hell.

Two very different worlds are about to clash in an earthly battle between science and the supernatural, philosophy and faith, civilisation and savagery.

Dark CountryDARK COUNTRY by Darren E Laws (only read a little of this to start the week and I like it so far. Having not read book #1, DARK COUNTRY comes across as new-reader friendly) 

The second novel featuring FBI agent Georgina O'Neil finds her faced with her most challenging and disturbing case yet

Genna Dark, a singer on the verge of stardom, goes missing. Her mother and grandmother, both country and western stars, were kidnapped and murdered 20 years apart as they were about to hit the big time. Is there a connection or is this the work of a copycat? Is Genna Dark about to follow the family tradition? FBI agent Georgina O'Neil and ex-detective Leroy La Portiere find themselves embroiled in the investigation to find Genna Dark, when a sudden and catastrophic illness leaves Georgina on the outside of the FBI, fighting for her life while struggling to save the singer and hold on to everything dear in her life. 


  1. I like the sound of Dark Country. Enjoy!!!


    1. So far so good. I like the fact that it's new reader friendly. Am a tick over half way through now.

  2. I just finished McKinty's latest which I really enjoyed!

    Have a great reading week,
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out