Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bookish Thoughts: On Reading Crime Fiction

The Dramatist (Jack Taylor, #4)I've been reacquainting myself with my favorite genre of fiction over the past few weeks, hitting my crime fiction collection hard and reading some excellent books along the binge (all of which are reviewed on this blog). 

I often undertake these sorts of reading patterns. Mixing it up from my typical eclectic nature then morphing into genre junkie. Lucky for me I had (and still have) a number of top choice crime reads sitting in my tbr as well as loads of books that I want to re-read (I'm working through a re-read of the Jack Taylor series by Ken Bruen for instance) to feed the habit.

The crime fiction genre is deep, do I dare say endless? It seems I'm discovering new crime reads each week that I simply MUST READ. Let alone those I'm still get to in that ever expanding tbr pile.

Which brings me to this post - not always does a book binge bring about a plethora of good fortune - there are some less than great reads and some 'meh' ones to tarnish the streak - such is life, however, this past couple of weeks has yielded some fantastic books that I'm sure will feature on my 'best-of' lists at years end. 

And those books? 

CANARY by Duane Swierczynski, THE PORT FAIRY MURDERS by Robert Gott, LIFE OR DEATH by Michael Robotham, THE DRAMATIST by Ken Bruen, TRUNK MUSIC by Michael Connelly.

Now that's a pretty impressive line-up there. 

The Science of Paul: A Novel of CrimeYou can read the reviews for each of the above by clicking on the links below:



THE DRAMATIST (Jack Taylor book #4)


TRUNK MUSIC (Harry Bosch book #5)

Adding to this I'm currently reading THE COMEDY IS FINISHED by Donald Westlake to be followed by THE SCIENCE OF PAUL by Aaron Philip Clark so this streak looks like it's safe to continue. 

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