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Recapping the AURORA sci-fi series

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Each week throughout March I'll be dedicating a blog post, be it in the form of a review, author interview, essay, or recap of the Aurora series by Aussie Sci-Fi author Amanda Bridgeman to celebrate the forthcoming release of the latest book in the Aurora series, AURORA CENTRALIS (book #4) - and today, being the first week of March, I'm recapping the series to date.

Aurora: DarwinStarting with AURORA: DARWIN, author Amanda Bridgeman established a uniquely character driven space adventure series that was just as much about far reaching concepts and interplanetary travel as it was the lives and distinctly humanist aspects of the crew aboard the spacecraft Aurora. I'd had a lot of fun reading AURORA: DARWIN, here's a snippet of my review:

Author Amanda Bridgeman has provided readers with a plausible space story that’s grounded by its deep characterisation and tension filled plot. From the moment the crew of the Aurora disembark from Earth, the palpable and ever impending sense of doom kicks into gear. Never knowing what’s around the corner, where the threat will arise or from whom heightens the anticipation for action and blood curdling terror – in which Bridgeman delivers in spades.

You can read the full review HERE

Aurora: PegasusNext up is AURORA: PEGASUS, here the reader is treated to more action and an expanded cast that integrate with the existing members of the Aurora seamlessly (from a reader perspective, that is) despite the teething problems and conflict between the new and the old.

The place setting is superb; I love the likeness of Mars to the Wild West; a bold and dangerous new frontier town where salons and gun toting men dominate the early stages of habitation. The space shuttles themselves also add a distinct sense of place with the Aurora already well established as a key locale. Bridgeman also teases a superior and imposing warship called the Barbican which I hope to read more of in later installments. Then there’s Hell Town – the super max prison home to the worst of the worst... too much awesomeness... 

You can read the full review HERE

Aurora: MeridianIn AURORA: MERIDIAN Carrie Wells, the star of the Aurora series is in a vastly different place from the preceding novels which makes this MERIDIAN all that much more enjoyable. Wells is no longer the somewhat apprehensive rookie as in DARWIN; she's determined, skilled, and is comfortable fighting for her life and that of the other members of the Aurora team. This time 'round we get more of a look at Centralis and the Doc and Wells dynamic as well as some highly entertaining action.

One of the great things about the Aurora books is the notion of ultra humans, super soldiers known as 'jumbos' - evolved/created in secrecy by a shadow branch of the UNF. These jumbos are paramount to proceedings in MERIDIAN as it's these menacing and unpredictable soldiers Carrie willingly places her life in the hands of all for the purpose of taking theirs. Given what transpired in PEGASUS, it makes for an interesting dynamic that's nothing short of page turning. 

You can read the full review HERE
Aurora: Centralis (Aurora 4)
AURORA: CENTRALIS is out soon (23 March 2015)! Here's the synopsis:

After the dramatic events of the past few missions, Captain Saul Harris and Corporal Carrie Welles have found themselves on a path they never expected to be on. Carrie, more vulnerable than she’s ever been, is placed under immense pressure as she becomes the most valuable asset to the UNF. Meanwhile, Harris works with the Aurora crew to keep the UNF at bay and shield her from their nemesis, Sharley, who wants her now more than anything. As events unfold, Carrie comes face to face with the truth of her father’s past, while Harris is forced to confront the truth of his ancestor’s. The revelations leave them reeling in shock, but not as much as when the explosive truth behind UNFASP is finally revealed.

Harris and Carrie struggle with the difficult decisions they have to make, while the Aurora team endures their toughest challenge yet. Once again they come face to face with their enemies in a showdown that will rock them to their very core and change them all forever.

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