Friday, May 29, 2015

Catching-up: WALTZ OF SHADOWS by Joe R. Lansdale

Waltz of ShadowsSadistic killers, a misguided young man, and a whole lot of murder amount to an entertaining read from Joe R. Lansdale. 

WALTZ OF SHADOWS should come with a graphic content warning - the images this book conveys through explicit and clever writing are heinous to say the least; the book of the dead, those unfortunate characters who are immortalized in gruesome detail via Polaroid invoke the darkest aspect to the mad - and that's exactly what a couple of unassuming characters (as least one is unassuming at the beginning of the book) are: madmen with a murderous appetite. 

After joining the Disaster Club, Billy, finds himself involved in humorous stunts that push the boundaries including fornicating in front of a group of people while tired to a train track, kidnapping, and general risky shenanigans. It's the kidnapping caper that unleashes the violence that turns Billy's world on its head. Gone are the laughs and dangerous stunts, replaced by cops and killers alike all looking to nab him. 

As the novel progresses WALTZ OF SHADOWS changes direction rather than evolves. By that I mean the earlier aspects, compared to the later stages of the book have a rather separate focus; switching from Billy and the Disaster Club to his uncle and the tracking of a killer. 

WALTZ OF SHADOWS is a pretty good read if your tastes lean toward the darker and more violent side of fiction. 

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