Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review: THE BROKEN EYE by Brent Weeks

The Broken Eye (Lightbringer, #3)THE BROKEN EYE (Lightbringer #3) by Brent Weeks 

From the back of the book:As the old gods awaken, the Chromeria is in a race to find its lost Prism, the only man who may be able to stop catastrophe, Gavin Guile. But Gavin's enslaved on a galley, and when he finally escapes, he finds himself in less than friendly hands. Without the ability to draft which has defined him . . .

Meanwhile, the Color Prince's army continues its inexorable advance, having swallowed two of the seven satrapies, they now invade the Blood Forest. Andross Guile, thinking his son Gavin lost, tasks his two grandsons with stopping the advance. Kip and his psychopathic half-brother Zymun will compete for the ultimate prize: who will become the next Prism.

My Thoughts:
THE BROKEN EYE is a frustrating read. Despite the interesting premise and well defined characters, the third installment in the Lightbringer series meanders through its 750+ page count slowly progressing the story at a snail pace. 

Reading more like a bridge between its predecessor and the next installment, THE BROKEN achieves what it sets out to do. The characters find themselves in new situations that demand the reader to follow their story in future books. It's a hell of a build up that is overshadowed by the inconsequential dialogue and over descriptive fight scenes that are littered throughout the book.

I struggled to maintain interest, which is a shame as I really enjoyed the previous two books. Despite my negative feelings towards THE BROKEN EYE I do want to read what happens to Kip, Gavin, Karris and co next. 

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