Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review: DARK WATERS by Deborah Sheldon

Dark WatersDARK WATERS is a brief yet bloody glimpse at life inside the criminal element of the fictitious and notorious Melbourne biker gang - the Overlords. Author Deborah Sheldon tells this tale of violence, redemption, love, and death while looking over the shoulder of veteran biker  Danny Boy - a longtime member of the Overlords who suffered a near death experience which ultimately made him want to start a new chapter of his life - one that takes him far away form his brothers on bikes. 

Much like RONNIE AND RITA, Deborah Sheldon's Aussie noir novella, DARK WATERS packs a punch in a short space of time, thrusting the reader head first into the underbelly of crime while also establishing Danny Boy as a likable character with loads of reason to redeem. 

Throughout the course of the story Danny Boy rekindles his relationship with his ex-wife and is reunited with his young son. At the same time he's beating up rival biker gang members and collecting protection money from tattoo parlors. It's an interesting double life; one that comes to a head on collision by the books end. 

DARK WATERS is a triumph through tragedy; a dark and uncompromising noir-like tale that is as much about the violence as it is about one man trying to escape it. 



Interview: author Deborah Sheldon 

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