Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: DIVINITY by Matt Kindt

DivinityWith Divinity, the Valiant Universe has a created an all powerful, yet flawed protagonist who is driven by the past as he shapes the future. 

A cosmic sci-fi epic in its infancy, Divinity deliveries in diversifying the Valiant character base while progressing the organic evolution of an exciting and distinctly unique superhero connected universe. 

Time is little more than an abstract concept as Russian cosmonaut Abram Adams ventures into space in the 60's only to return many years later having seemingly not aged a day. With loved ones long passed and his handlers unaccounted, Abram finds himself alone and the barer of an unprecedented gift - the ability to shape the world anyway he so desires.

Turning the Australian outback into a utopia, he's seen as the savior of mankind in the eyes of those he influences yet to heroes of the Valiant Universe, he's an unknown power that has the potential to destroy the natural order of government and overthrown the balance of power across nations. Enter the penultimate superhero team Unity. 

Divinity blends sci-fi, superhero, and drama into a tightly woven package that, upon concluding still leaves plenty of mystery and limitless possibilities for subsequent ventures into Abram's past and his future. 

One of the best graphic novels I've read. 

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