Friday, May 25, 2018

Review: A LESSON IN VIOLENCE by Jordan Harper

Publisher Simon & Schuster
Length 257 pages
Format softcover
Published 2017
Series standalone
My Copy borrowed form the library 

Nate McClusky, near the end of a bid murders a member of Ayran Steel, a white supremacist gang, following a prison altercation. He’s immediately ‘green lit’ for execution along with his estranged wife/partner and 11yr old daughter on the outside. His slice of freedom soon soured by the coppery taste of blood and smell of violent retribution. 

A Lesson in Violence is a shot of adrenaline laced with speed and topped off with a liberal sprinkling of blood. The protagonist flips the hunter/prey dynamic on its head as he strives to save the lives of those closest to him. Whilst his fatherly love has always been at arm’s length, his determination and brute force nature nurtures and cultivates a relationship with daughter Polly which is endearing and true; an evolution breed by bonding over violence.

The common theme throughout is violence, both on account of the victim and perpetrator yet the more endearing qualities encompassing that father/daughter relationship and progressive path to reconciliation is what stands out. It also helps that both key cogs in the machine are  well written; Nate is the stereotypical hard-man, Polly is a quirky preteen with spunk in spades – together, a perfect character combination.

My rating: 5/5 stars, A Lesson in Violence is a fast paced, quick read which manages to both convey a deep emotional connection to its characters while also delivering an action packed blood fueled romp.        

Note. this title has also been published as She Rides Shotgun

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