Saturday, November 10, 2018

Review: WRECKED by Joe Ide

Publisher Orion Publishing Group Limited
Length 10hrs 52mins
Format audiobook

Narrator Sullivan JonesPublished 2018
Series IQ #3
My Copy I bought it

My Review

Isaiah Quintabe (aka IQ) can be likened to a modern day Sherlock Holmes, such is his superior intellect and heightened powers of deduction which are comparable to the renowned PI of early crime fiction. While his sidekick, Dodson isn't quite Sherlock's Watson, he's a great character and a perfect fit for IQ; both in his ability to help (and at times hinder) an investigation while also providing a humorous outlet for the often dire situations the duo find themselves in. 

In Wrecked, the third IQ novel, author Joe Ide dumb downs IQ a little which casts the urban sleuth in a new light; showcasing his insecurities and vulnerabilities, which ultimately transforms the character into something more real-world. His struggles and failures are gains for the reader and the supporting cast who pay a more pivotal role in the plot (this being Dodson, Gloria, and the bad guys). 

Wrecked reads perfectly well as standalone but is much better with the added context of the previous novels in IQ and Righteous.  

My rating: 5/5 stars. This series continues to grow from strength to strength. Highly recommended. 

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