Sunday, March 24, 2019

A Paperback form Hell! The Sphinx by Graham Masterton

Publisher Star
Length 207 pages
Format paperback
Published 1978
Series Standalone
My Copy I bought it

My Review
The Sphinx is b-grade horror, full of cheesy dialogue, strange-acting characters, and an unbelievable plot-line - yet it's a whole lot of fun if you can suspend your belief. 

This is 1970's horror at the height of its over-the-top powers.

Gene Keller is a Washington based politician who falls for an attractive and busty young women, named Lorie, the daughter of a former French diplomat, at a party. He's immediately smitten by her emerald necklace, feline features, and perfect body, shown-off by a form fitting dress which leaves nothing to the imagination. It's love at first sight (or bite, as it turns out). 

Following her initial rebuff, Gene quickly assumes the role of a stalker, using his political clout to find her where Lorie works, her phone number, and even going so far as to break into the mansion she shares with her equally beautiful and mysterious mother, coming equipped with tools to scale the property walls and a gun of all things.

This is the mind of a perfectly sane and rational man (at least that's the way Gene is portrayed in the book) - after all, he's single and attractive, why shouldn't Lorie immediately fall head of heals for him? Something must be up and it's Gene duty as a man, dammit, to find out what's going on! 

Turns out something is going on - Lorie's hails from a once banished Egyptian lineage called Ubasti; half man, half lion. But that doesn't stop Gene from pursuing her, and in no time at all (3 weeks to be exact), they are married and living in Lorie's mansion. 

Needless to say Lorie's urges get the better of her and Gene finds himself in mortal danger! 

My rating: 3/5 stars. The Sphinx is a great form of escapism which doesn't take up a whole lot of brain power to process. The plot is linear and the characters near cardboard cutout but it all works. Don't expect high end literature with this one, but you can expect a good time.  

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