Thursday, May 21, 2020

Review: HONKY TONK SAMURAI by Joe R Lansdale

The great thing about the Hap and Leonard books (aside from Hap and Leonard themselves) is the accessibility to new readers. It's been a while since I last read a book in this series and in no time at all, I found myself in familiar territory - this, despite having not read Devil Red, the book set prior to Honky Tonk Samurai (I do plan on correcting this asap). 

The ninth book in the series continues the exciting escapades and brotherly banter of the perennial protagonists amid the dangerous sh!t they so easily find themselves knee deep in. 

Working for a detective agency, the brotherly duo are hired to track down a longtime missing granddaughter of a cranky old woman. With little to go on, aside from a few hints at some nefarious activity and a picture of the missing granddaughter, they end up at a car dealership - sleuthing for answers whilst trying to determine if cars are the only thing on offer at said dealership...spoiler alert; the dealership is an elaborate front for blackmail and prostitution! But, this being a Hap and Leonard book, that's just the tip of the jagged iceberg.  

Honky Tonk Samurai is loads of fun; from the colorful characters to the high octane action scenes, the pace never lets up. Its refreshing that a series, nine books in, can still provide character and emotional depth whilst maintaining a distinct sense of continuity without sacrificing plot. 

I loved every moment and am looking forward to reading what happens in the next installment, Rusty Puppy

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